ChemBond™ is a unique resin system that has outstanding chemical resistance and strength characteristics. It can be used inside cleanrooms of state of the art semiconductor fabrication facilities or in less sensitive industries where there is a need to safely control chemical process fumes. This superior two-part joining adhesive is supplied in bulk or in pre-measured bonding kits for joining ATS duct and fittings. It can also be used to join ATS duct or pipe to dissimilar materials like Stainless Steel, PVC, or Polypropylene.

Outstanding Features

Extensive Testing

Comments Form Balazs Test Report on ATS Resins in a Running Cleanroom #02-01567-06

“After a 24-hr cure, a separate wafer exposed for an additional 24 hours had only 1.0 ng/cm2 of total organics detected. These amounts are substantially less than the vast majority of witness wafers (approximately >80%) we have exposed for 24 hours to many semiconductor cleanrooms in the last few years…. Hence, for most typical cleanrooms with high air change rates, the Halobond / Chembond is predicted not to be a significant contributor to the contaminant levels on wafers.”