Universal Connector–Receives Any Straight Butt End

The H-Collar is approved for use on all ATS FM-Approved Systems. See current FM listing for details.

In a continuing effort to reduce installation time, ATS invented the H-Collar Joining System. The H-Collar system builds on the ATS Internal Beaded Slip Collar’s™ success in providing a contiguous internal liner serving as an alignment tool. The H-Collar™ takes simplification in joining one step further: there are no external wraps to do. It is only necessary to apply the ATS ChemBond putty and slip the duct into the collar. This joint can be put together in minutes.

Important Note–Like the ATS Slip Collar™, the ATS H-Collar™ is universal–it accepts any straight butt end. This allows the contractor to modify duct lengths on site without worrying about special preparations of duct ends. Just cut and join!

Key Benefits of the H-Collar:

Available in all sizes: See Mechanical Drawing Guide in this Reference Guide for detailed listing of part numbers and sizes. Strength: Equal to or greater than the duct itself.

The H-Collar, pre-fabricated into one end of a section of duct, is called a U-Collar. By ordering duct with U-Collars, a contractor can install 60 feet of duct by making only two joints. Connections are made using the same methods described for the H-Collar (page xxx). Ordering U-Collars on straight duct eliminates the need to do half the work. Ducts can be ordered with a U-Collar on both ends of a 20’0” duct or on one end of a 10’-0” or 20’-0” duct.Roblox Hack Free Robux