UL™ Duct

UL-181 listed Air Duct Class 1
(FM 4910 and FM 4922 Approved as Mark V Duct)

ATS PhenylineTM Duct is designed for exhaust or high temperature air conveyance when chemical resistance needs are low but present and firesafe ducts are required. Applications include mining, oil platforms, emergency purge systems and other applications where there are corrosive external environments. Note that ATS Phenyline™ Duct is not merely “UL181 compliant,” but it is actually listed by UL as a UL181 Class 1 Air Duct!

Duct shell: Phenolic composite.

Duct Structure

Inner Surface: The inner corrosive resistant surface is 10 to 20 mils thick with a 10% glass to 90% resin ratio. Organic veil is used as surfacing reinforcement, unless otherwise specified.

Interior Liner: The interior liner will be a minimum of 0.100” thick, consisting of an average of 70% corrosion resistant resin and 30% glass mat reinforcement.

Structural shell: The structural body will consist of filament winding glass reinforcing saturated with firesafe resin. The ratio of resin to glass will be an average of 35% to 65%, respectively, for maximum strength and durability.

External Surface: ATS CleanCoatTM (white or gray) is recommended, as it is firesafe.

Joining Systems Available:

  1. ATS H-Collar™ joint with ATS ChemBond™ putty
  2. ATS Internal Beaded Slip Collar™ with ATS ChemBond™ resin & putty
  3. Flanged connections (including ATS Slip Collar Flanges™)
  4. Traditional glass and resin joints

Part types available: See ATS Mechanical Drawing Guide, pages 35-108.

Product specifications: Depending on service.

Surface Hardness: The laminate will have a Barcol hardness of at least 90% of the resin manufacturer’s minimum specified hardness for cured resin, but in no case less than 30. This applies to both inside and outside surfaces.

Cut Edges: All cut edges will be coated with a layer of resin so that no glass fibers are exposed and all voids are filled.

Standards: ATS PhenylineTM Duct is fabricated to ASTM D 2996 Type 1 (Filament wound). ATS PhenylineTM Duct meets NBS Standard PS 15-69 for duct construction and ASTM D 2563, Level 2, for quality.