Guidelines for Surface Coatings – ATS CleanCoat™ and CleanCoat X™


It is necessary to coat all exterior ductwork. ATS’ recommendation is to coat all exterior duct with CleanCoat X™ in order to provide UV and weather protection for maximum service life.

General Recommendations:

1. When using coatings other than ATS CleanCoat, check local restrictions on those products regarding VOC content before considering their use. ATS CleanCoat is a 100% solids coating.

2. Do not use water based intumescent paints. They tend to crack and flake off in a short time, creating problems in cleanrooms. On outdoor use, the intumescent salts leach out over time and intumescent paints have poor weather resistance.

3. Always use ATS P-100 Primer prior to the application of CleanCoat paint. Be sure the duct surface is clean. Dry exterior surface of the duct. There is no need to sand or scuff the duct surface. ATS P-100 Primer is a 2-part primer that is applied in one even coating.

CleanCoat™ – Cleanroom Coatings

ATS CleanCoat is an odorless interior coating with excellent abrasion resistance, adhesion characteristics, and chemical resistance to vapors and liquid splashes. It can be applied directly to the tacky ATS P-100 Primer without sanding or scuffing the surface. ATS FXP™, when coated with CleanCoat, retains its FM Approval for installation without sprinklers.

CleanCoat X™ – Outdoor Coating:

For the highest possible outdoor performance, ATS CleanCoat X™ should be used for applications where there are extreme changes in the weather. ATS CleanCoat X™ is an exterior coating with excellent abrasion resistance, UV resistance, adhesion characteristics, low flame and smoke characteristics, and chemical resistance. CleanCoat X™ is a 100% solids coating that is applied to the tacky ATS Primer X™. CleanCoat™ is available in 1 and 5 gallon containers. It can be applied to the duct with a brush, roller or it can be sprayed on with a paint gun on outdoor duct or on sections of duct prior to installation in non-cleanroom areas of the fab.

Note: ATS CleanCoat™ paints are available in gray, white, or other colors as desired, such as brown. Light colors will reflect sunlight and keep the duct surface closer to ambient temperatures. Dark colors will absorb solar heat and increase the duct temperature well above ambient. Dark colored ducts will expand and contract at a much greater rate than light colored duct.

Contact ATS Sales and Engineering Department at +1-510-234-3173 for data and MSDS sheets on the ATS ATS CleanCoat™ paints and primers or if you have any questions regarding your particular prospective application.