Why ATS FXP™ Duct? Flexibility

ATS FXP™ systems are designed and produced to allow maximum flexibility and precise assembly during both initial installation and future service or modifications.

ATS FXP™ is supplied in lengths up to 20 ft. (6 meters) and can be cut on site for custom fit with no special tooling or equipment.

ATS H-Collar™ joining system connects duct sections and fittings while maintaining structural and corrosion resistance integrity and eliminating the need for exterior wraps.

ATS Slip Saddle Taps can be field installed in minutes anywhere in the system allowing for installation of taps for tool hookup and other system modifications with a minimum of pre-planning.

The unique ATS Hot Tap/Saddle Tap™ connections can be used to connect a new tool exhaust to an operating system, greatly reducing costly shut down time.

ATS Slip Collar Flanges can be installed at the job site after measurements are verified and can be used to join ATS to PPs, PVC, SS, and  Regular FRP.

Van Stone flanges are now available from ATS.