Drain Taps

Step 1: Using a Hole Saw, bore a hole equivalent to the I.D. of the threads on the ATS Drain Tap Assembly™.

Step 2: Use a Standard NPT Metal Threaded Nipple (not shown) to tap the hole and form threads into the FRP. This will avoid stripping the PVC threads and insure a secure bond.

Step 3: Use ChemBond Putty Mix to coat the exposed edge of the hole and then liberally coat the threads of the male adapter.

Step 4: Screw the Drain Tap Assembly in place until threads are no longer exposed. ChemBondPutty should be applied around the outside edge of the ATS Drain Tap Assembly™ to complete the connection.

On existing systems that may contain hazardous materials and condensate, use extreme caution and proper safety gear to protect the person drilling holes. Some systems have contained up to 500 gallons of liquid acid! Provisions should be made when drilling holes. Be prepared with a crew with protective gear and a means to deal with condensate.