Slip Collar Flange

ATS Slip Collar Flange™ Installation

ATS Part Type #77

ChemBond™ putty is applied to the slip collar portion of the ATS Slip Collar Flange™. Apply a layer approximately 1/8” (3mm) thick. Insert slip collar flange into the duct. The putty will ooze around the outside of the slip collar flange and it will also squeeze out from under the slip collar on the inside. Smooth the putty on the interior to create a beveled surface. On the inside and outside of the joint, the ChemBond™ putty should be beveled by hand.

All slip collar flanges must have an exterior glass and resin lay-up to ensure sheer and tensile strength. Use the Slip Collar Flange Glass Chart below as a guide:

Slip Collar Flange Glass Chart

Nom. Diam. mm Nom. Diam. Inch # of Layers Wetted with ChemBond Resin
Outside Glass Layups Width Mesh (Boat) Cloth
100 (4″) 150 (6″) 200 (8″) 300 (12″)
50–200 2”–8” 1
250–600 10”–24” 1 1
650–1000 26”–40” 1 1 1
1050–1550 42”–62” 1 1 1
 > 1550 > 62” 1 1 1 2