Taps on Live System

Experiment to Show That an ATS Tap Can Be Applied to an Operating System with Negligible Pressure Loss

In 1999, ATS performed experiments to show that ATS saddle taps can be applied to main ducts while the system is in operation. The procedure used to achieve this is as shown in the Installation Section of this Guide, pages 151-152. The pressure losses were negligible, varying from 0.05” Water column to 0.2” of water column.

ATS defines “Hot Tap” as the application of an ATS saddle tap on a live system. ATS Hot Taps were first applied on a live system at NEC in Roseville, Calilfomia in the 1990s. The ATS Hot Tap is successfully used at facilities today around the world. Because of the extremely low outgassing of ATS ChemBond (see Balazs Nanoanalysis report, pages 213-214), this procedure can be performed in a cleanspace.